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Terms and Condition: Louisiana Gumbo's Forums are intended for the use of our visitors for entertainment only. Any opinions expressed are those of the person posting the the message and not that of Louisiana Gumbo. Any references to any subject of a pornography nature is forbidden. Individuals may post messages offering personal property for sale, however these forums are not intended for commercial advertisement or to reference commercial web sites, such messages will be removed and if continued the author will be banned. All forums are open to the general public for viewing. Anyone can post to a public forum such as Town Talk, however other forums such as Personals are restricted and you must become a registered member before posting to restricted boards. Louisiana Gumbo Forums are for everybody to enjoy, keep that in mind when posting a message.
DISCLAIMER: Louisiana Gumbo Community Pages, Search LA.net, iNET image, inc. and all staff there of accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of information posted and further accepts not responsibility for any liabilities resulting for the use of Louisiana Gumbo's Forums. We reserve the right to delete any messages that in our opinion is objectionable for any reason and to ban any person that continues to post such material.
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