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"George Dunbar occupies a unique position in the recent history of the visual arts in New Orleans. On the one hand he is as he himself declares, 'a local yokel,' and on the other he is a maker of work with universal implications. The story of his career is full of resonance's for students of the contemporary American cultural scene."

Edward Lucie-Smith

George Dunbar's works include several mediums, paintings and sculptures to name a few.  Many of these works are displayed at venues around New Orleans and the country, as well as the British Museum in London, England.  Mr. Dunbar also had his works shown at two solo exhibits at the New Orleans Museum of Art.  Through the power of the Internet, selected works by George Dunbar are now available for viewing on his web site, www.georgedunbar.com.  Visit www.georgedunbar.com to find out more about this fascinating artist and to view works currently on public display and works for sale.

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