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If your Company or Web Site is based in Louisiana [Add Your URL]

Louisiana Gumbo's Search offers three ways to upgrade your web site registration,  all add value and traffic.
1. Add Search LA to your web site. FREE!
SearchLaTagSs.GIF (3842 bytes)Increase the interest and value for your web site guests.  Add Search LA "Louisiana's Own" Internet Search Engine to your web site.  It's quick, easy, and FREE!  Your visitors will be able to search for Louisiana based web sites without leaving your site.  trophy.gif (967 bytes)Once installed and verified, your site registration with Search LA will be upgraded to the highest level and will appear in the top group of the search results when referenced by a search string. 
BONUS!   The first 50 web sites to join Search LA's Affiliate Program will receive 1000 key word impressions of their banner on Search LA.    Click Here to join.  Demo at the top of this page.
2. Add a reciprocal link to Search LA. FREE!
link.gif (1045 bytes)  Reciprocal Link Program
Save one of the Search LA Banners or Tags, insert it in your web site or page and  link it to  Once you've completed linking to Search LA, E-mail your Web Site address to with upgrade in the subject line.  Your site will be upgraded to a reciprocal site status.  This means that your site will receive priority when a search query includes your site and will appear with other sites of same status at the top of the results page. 
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3. Banner Advertisement
ribbon.gif (937 bytes) Banner Ad Program
Your ad will be displayed at the top and bottom of the search results when a key word of your choice is submitted in a search string. The most effective way to target prospective customers.  Your banner will be displayed in a 420 by 50 pixel window.  In addition your site registration will be upgraded to a financial supporter status, which means your site will appear at the top of the search results in the choice group each time it is referenced even when your banner is not displayed.  The best part is the price;  only $25 per 1000 impressions,  minimum 2000 impressions.  For more information call toll free 1-888-601-4638.  If you don't have a banner we can create one from the artwork on your site ($15 one time charge). 

Legal Notice: Search LA's art work is not to be altered in any way and must appear in its original form unless approved by LaGumbo.  Louisiana Gumbo Search La reserves the right to contact registrants via E-Mail with news that could effect their web site registration.  Louisiana Gumbo, Search LA, or iNET image, Inc. accepts no responsibility or liability for any results or effects of any individual linking to Search LA. By preceding to add a link to Search LA I understand and accept the above conditions.
Thanks for helping us promote Louisiana based web sites.

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