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  • Animal Type: Rodent
    Hi, My name is Lumpy.
    Lumpy is lazy but friendly
    I love to be hold bye my owner.
    My favorite toy is vegie BOB.
    My favorite treat is pellets.
    My favorite food is pellets and water.
    Breed: guinea pig
    Age: 1
    Owner: cody
    new boston, OH
    Lumpy is lazy but friendly

    Hi, My name is Dumplins.
    I love making smells on my owner, and eating her food.

    My favorite thing to do is to chuck my wheel so i can climb ontop of it and try to push the cage cover off to escape!

    I just love to run around my owners room and try to slip underneath the door to roam around the house...aren't i pretty..
    I love to escape.
    My favorite toy is my wheel.
    My favorite treat is nuts!.
    My favorite food is bread.
    Age: 8 months
    Owner: Asia Hendricks
    brooklyn, NY
    I love my dumplins!!!!!!

    Hi, My name is Snickers.
    I live in Maine. My owners are Taylor who is 9 and Jakie who is 4.
    I love to Be held.
    My favorite toy is Ball.
    My favorite treat is Carrots.
    My favorite food is lettuce.
    Breed: Guinea Pig
    Age: 1 year
    Owner: Taylor and Jake
    Houlton, ME

    Hi, My name is Honey(Hammy Fae).
    I'm Honey! Mommy puts me in a yellow ball and I get to run into stuff, hehe! I'm purdy, oh so purdy! Like my nose? It's pink and fluffy like cotton candy! I could go for some of that now... or sunflower seeds... hmmm...
    I love to run in my wheel.
    My favorite toy is my run-about ball.
    My favorite treat is carrot slims.
    My favorite food is sunflower seeds.
    Breed: Syrian
    Age: 1 year
    Owner: Kim
    Honey is such a cutie! She's been with me for a year now and I love her so much!! She's been through a lot like when she fell 14 ft down to the cold air return. She survived and she has a long life ahead of her. She's more of a mericle then she is a pet, i love her more then ANYTHING! She even gets along with the dog... hehe!

    Hi, My name is Big Daddy.
    I like to run on my wheel and keep my family awake.I like to stuff my cheeks with food and bring it up to my tunnels.
    I love to sleep and be lazy.
    My favorite toy is wood chunks.
    My favorite treat is peanuts.
    My favorite food is pumkin seeds.
    Breed: long haired hamster
    Age: 1 yr
    Owner: Michael Early
    Slidell, LA

    Hi, My name is Bear.
    hi my name is bear and i love to run on my wheel at night just to keep my mommy up ...its soooo fun

    I love to run in my ball .
    My favorite toy is my punch buggy ball.
    My favorite treat is yougert drops.
    My favorite food is my food with treats in it.
    Breed: black bear + ?
    Age: 1 year
    Owner: Tiffany clemmens
    cambridge, CO
    isent she soo cute!

    Hi, My name is Houdini.
    I am a 7 month old hamster, and I am soooooooooooo cute as u can see for ureselves!!!
    xxx heehee
    I love to eat nuts and peas.
    My favorite toy is my car/big ball.
    My favorite treat is cheese.
    My favorite food is sunflower seeds.
    Breed: Siberian
    Age: 7 months
    Owner: Maya De Thabrew
    Tsaile, AR

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