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    Hi, My name is Coty.
    I love playing with my 4 brothers. I can be a pain sometimes when I try to get my Dad's attention by biting his ankle.I love tunnels, boxes, tubes and my home.I live in a ferret nation mansion with my brothers.I have some very good westling moves too..sometimes I'll run and roll under to couch to get away. I'm very lovable and love to sleep on my Mom's chest...kinda like my Dad..dook...dook!
    I love to curl up on my parents bed..
    My favorite toy is a plastic shopping bag..
    My favorite treat is Marshall chicken flavored badits..
    My favorite food is 8 in 1 advanced ferret diet..
    Breed: Ferret
    Age: 5 1/2 years
    Owner: Mike and Terri Newbold
    Slidell, LA
    Coty is just one of our ferrets, we have four others and they own us. We spoil them rotten.

    Hi, My name is Little Bit.
    But I am Queen
    I'm almost 10 and head of this house.
    I love to Sleep.
    My favorite toy is the cats.
    My favorite treat is marshmellows.
    My favorite food is pro plan.
    Breed: Sable
    Age: almost 10
    Owner: Rose
    Pavilion, NY
    We were given little alost 10 yrs ago from N. Carolina they say shes had 7 owners but I cant imagin why.
    We Love her so much along with all the other three.

    Hi, My name is To To.
    I love to sleep.
    Age: 2 years
    Owner: ayesha
    karachi, WY

    Hi, My name is Rufus.
    I am a very loveable animal, at least thats what my mommy thinks! I love to sit on my Daddy's arm and just watch everything around me!
    I love to take long naps.
    My favorite toy is My new wheel.
    My favorite treat is Carrots.
    My favorite food is Peanuts.
    Breed: Black Bear Hamster
    Age: 5 Months Old
    Owner: Desiree Bellanger
    Larose, LA

    Hi, My name is Hamlin.
    i am a cute hamster,funny love to eat human food like burger and fries even chiken and sweet.
    I love to Maha.
    My favorite toy is pumpkin .
    My favorite treat is fish food.
    My favorite food is sushi.
    Breed: no idea
    Age: 3 months
    Owner: Maha
    London, CA
    i love Hamlin, we give him a nick name Halmino ,i am adapting new one soon..

    Hi, My name is Yuki (KiKi) Saru.
    My mom says "she has always wanted me",
    All I want is my Mom.
    I guess you can say I'm alittle spoiled.
    I love to climb, jump and swim.
    My favorite toy is a colorful soft ball.
    My favorite treat is banannas.
    My favorite food is anything that fits in my mouth.
    Breed: Japanese Snow Macaque
    Age: 10 weeks
    Owner: Jessie
    Morgan City, LA
    KiKi is a long life dream come true for me. She requires lots of attention, and she certainly gets it.

    Hi, My name is BigBoy.
    I just love to be crazy!
    I love to sleep but when im awake im on the go!.
    My favorite toy is my daddys socks!.
    My favorite treat is yogurt and marshalls ferret treats..
    My favorite food is Marshalls ferret food.
    Breed: Sable
    Age: 2 1/2 years old
    Owner: Jeff Furst
    W. Yarmouth, MA
    My ferret is so cute and I have another ferret I plan on sending her pic in soon to!! so be looking for COCO..lol...buh byes

    Hi, My name is Coco.
    Shes my little angel!
    I love to crawl into tunnels.
    My favorite toy is toy ball.
    My favorite treat is marshalls ferret treats.
    My favorite food is cat food.
    Breed: Sable
    Age: 2 years old
    Owner: Jeff Furst
    W. Yarmouth, MA
    shes so cute!

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