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  • Animal Type: Cat
    Hi, My name is Agatha Christie.
    I lived in the shelter for awhile, and they were nice, but having a furever home is the BEST!
    I love to meow. Loudly..
    My favorite toy is catnip kiss.
    My favorite treat is Party Mix with Grump Cat ont he package!.
    My favorite food is whatever my big brother Romeo is having..
    Breed: Calico (technically Tortoiseshell)
    Age: 3 years
    Owner: marianne birge
    slidell, LA

    Hi, My name is Agatha.
    I'm still getting used to my forever home after awhile in the shelter. It sure is comfy!
    I love to explore.
    My favorite toy is my wand.
    My favorite treat is Party Mix, the cat kind.
    My favorite food is any and all food...bring it on!.
    Breed: Tortoiseshell
    Age: 2
    Owner: Marianne
    Slidell, LA

    Hi, My name is Sebutai.
    I love to bite out of love.
    My favorite toy is my brothers head.
    My favorite treat is anything dad eats.
    My favorite food is any! tacos.
    Breed: Tabby
    Age: 8
    Owner: Jay
    This boy likes to fight, but is the sweetest boy you will ever know

    Hi, My name is Hollywood!.
    gotta goooooooo
    I love to run from my brother.
    My favorite toy is my pink mouse.
    My favorite treat is edamame.
    My favorite food is TUNA!!!.
    Breed: Tabby
    Age: not sure thank you
    Owner: Jay
    this is the cutest boy ever seen, cuter than otters!

    Hi, My name is BooBoo/Bitty/Aly (yick!).
    Too busy playin!!!
    I love to whine.
    My favorite toy is mice.
    My favorite treat is my sisters food.
    My favorite food is anything.
    Breed: tabby
    Age: 4
    Owner: Jessica
    This is my baby, and she acts it!

    Hi, My name is Badger.
    I love my mommy
    I love to snuggle.
    My favorite toy is string.
    My favorite food is chicken.
    Breed: Ragdoll
    Age: 10
    Owner: Jessica
    My boy who likes to sleep on my head

    Hi, My name is Harley Quinn.
    I really dislike my picture taken, they never really do me justice!
    I love to be pampered.
    My favorite toy is string.
    My favorite food is pounce.
    Breed: Calico
    Age: never ask a lady her age
    Owner: Jessica
    This is my princess. My oldest child of three

    Hi, My name is Skye.
    I love to take walks on my leash.
    My favorite toy is a pen.
    My favorite treat is porkchops.
    My favorite food is chicken.
    Breed: Bengal
    Age: 1 1/2
    Owner: Kayla N.
    Chalmette, LA

    Hi, My name is Romeo.
    This basket is the purrr-fect fit!
    I love to sleep.
    My favorite toy is my catnip lamb.
    My favorite treat is Temptations.
    My favorite food is Fancy Feast.
    Breed: Maine Coon
    Age: 6 years
    Owner: Monique Birge
    Slidell, LA

    Hi, My name is KitKat.
    I chose my people when I was a teenager, about 2 yrs ago. I went to their back door and demanded to be adopted. When I first came, they tried to find a home for me, but in about a week, I won them over. They never had a cat before, so I am a new experience for them. They were pretty easy to train, now my every whim is taken care of. My people think I am so funny and cute, they love to watch me. I have the run of the house and a great big back yard. Lots of places to climb and lots of things to stalk and chase. Ahh, life is good.
    Breed: (don't know)
    Age: approx. 3 yrs.
    Owner: Sandi
    Bogalusa, LA

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