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Hi, My name is Agatha Christie.
I lived in the shelter for awhile, and they were nice, but having a furever home is the BEST!
I love to meow. Loudly..
My favorite toy is catnip kiss.
My favorite treat is Party Mix with Grump Cat ont he package!.
My favorite food is whatever my big brother Romeo is having..
Breed: Calico (technically Tortoiseshell)
Age: 3 years
Owner: marianne birge
slidell, LA

Hi, My name is Agatha.
I'm still getting used to my forever home after awhile in the shelter. It sure is comfy!
I love to explore.
My favorite toy is my wand.
My favorite treat is Party Mix, the cat kind.
My favorite food is any and all food...bring it on!.
Breed: Tortoiseshell
Age: 2
Owner: Marianne
Slidell, LA

Hi, My name is Pebbles.
I love to go on walks with my family! I am a little wobbly in my old age, but when I see a goose, squirl, rabbit...watch out! I can almost catch any of them. I become as strong as an ox! My best friend is Angel Baby..She, too was adopted. We play chase. She keeps me youthful! I plan to live to 20! It's a good life!
I love to go swimming after a goose.
My favorite toy is squeeze toys Angel grabs.
My favorite treat is peanut butter.
My favorite food is Can and adults .
Breed: Terrior Mix
Age: 16+
Owner: Eileen Pitre
Mandeville, LA
My family have been very blessed with our loving pets. It would be wonderful if more people would consider adopting. Mix breeds usually have less health issues and really appreciate your giving them a loving home!

Hi, My name is Coty.
I love playing with my 4 brothers. I can be a pain sometimes when I try to get my Dad's attention by biting his ankle.I love tunnels, boxes, tubes and my home.I live in a ferret nation mansion with my brothers.I have some very good westling moves too..sometimes I'll run and roll under to couch to get away. I'm very lovable and love to sleep on my Mom's chest...kinda like my Dad..dook...dook!
I love to curl up on my parents bed..
My favorite toy is a plastic shopping bag..
My favorite treat is Marshall chicken flavored badits..
My favorite food is 8 in 1 advanced ferret diet..
Breed: Ferret
Age: 5 1/2 years
Owner: Mike and Terri Newbold
Slidell, LA
Coty is just one of our ferrets, we have four others and they own us. We spoil them rotten.

Hi, My name is "Angel Baby".
My Mother saved my life and I have added many more years to my best friend "Pebbles". Pebbles will be 16 years old. She is my big and older sister. We play a lot!
I love to my Dad and Jason.
My favorite toy is Blue Dog.
My favorite treat is vitamin E capsel.
My favorite food is everything.
Breed: Mixed Wired/Rat Terrior
Age: 5 Years Old
Owner: Eileen Pitre
Mandeville, LA
She is the BABY of our family!
Angel thinks more like a real human girl. She knows how to get her way She also knows what she wants. Smart as can be.

Hi, My name is Skeeter Bird.
I am lost in Lafayette, Louisiana. Please find me!
I love to talk to anyone.
My favorite toy is my Christmas ornament and tossing it from my cage.
My favorite treat is a crumb of bread while we all eat dinner together.
My favorite food is whatever my friend, Emile is eating..
Breed: Parakeet
Age: 4 years old
Owner: Emile Stieffel
Harvey, LA
Skeeter had a talking part with me on "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" . I miss him everyday.

Hi, My name is Butchie.
I have lost my way home and these nice people are taking care of me but cant keep me for good. I hope to find my old family or a brand new family to love!
I love to play.
My favorite toy is stuffed animal.
My favorite treat is dog treat.
My favorite food is dog food.
Breed: mix
Age: unknown
Owner: Gigi Savona
Mandeville, LA
"Butchie" is a small, 5-6 pounds, wirey haired, sweet-sweet dog. Likes to chew socks! Gets along great with other dogs! Needs a new loving home!

Hi, My name is Diomand.
I love to play with my master and her peers.
My favorite toy is my big blue ball.
My favorite treat is milk bones.
My favorite food is Filet Mignon.
Breed: pomeranian
Age: 4 months
Owner: clarisa calligan
Newiberia , LA

Hi, My name is Lumpy.
Lumpy is lazy but friendly
I love to be hold bye my owner.
My favorite toy is vegie BOB.
My favorite treat is pellets.
My favorite food is pellets and water.
Breed: guinea pig
Age: 1
Owner: cody
new boston, OH
Lumpy is lazy but friendly

Hi, My name is Lady.
Lady is spunky and hyper
I love to be with my owner.
My favorite toy is sqeaky toy.
My favorite treat is peporoni.
My favorite food is cesars.
Breed: yorky
Age: 7
Owner: cody
new boston, OH
lady is spunky and hyper

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